Every year Espalier school brings about one social change in the society. Students of Std VIII are exposed to different challenges of the society. Students find out the solution for one of the challenges and work upon the implementation of the solution. This whole process runs as a part of Design for change curriculum.

This time students got the challenge of Road accidents. Every day in India there is one death due to road accident in every four minutes. According to the data, sixteen children die on Indian roads daily.

Students did the survey and after intense research they identified the different causes for this problem. Out of all, the major cause identified was that people do not follow Traffic Rules.

Students found more than ten innovative ideas to enforce and motivate everyone to follow traffic rules.

The best innovative idea which was liked by all was then put forward to Nashik Police Commissioner Dr. Ravindra Singhal for his guidance and help. Nashik police department gave full co-operation and guided the students. Simultaneously students also approached Education Officer Nitin Upasani Sir and Nashik RTO Commissioner Mr. Kasar for further direction and information.

Concept : Bicycle License

After in depth survey and research, students concluded that, 'Traffic rules need to be taught to all.'

At the time of getting licence each citizen is informed about traffic rules but then also accidents are increasing at an alarming rate. Students devised an idea that traffic rules should be taught from childhood and it should be an integral part of school curriculum. Finally students sealed the idea that for practical and experience all the traffic rules which are followed for two wheeler and Motorcycle should be followed while riding bicycle also.

Students designed a curriculum for Traffic rules and an online test to issue Bicycle Licence.

To get the Bicycle licence students have to study the traffic rules, attempt an online exam and secure a passing 70% marks to receive the Bicycle licence.

To obtain the Driving licence all students in India will start following traffic rules from childhood. They will get in the habit of following traffic rules and being safe on roads.

We are thankful to RTO Nashik Department for their help and support. Their help and guidance helped to make this dream project a reality.

Team of ESDS company and its Chairman, Mr. Piyush Somani have played a pivotal role in designing the 'ONLINE TEST' for traffic rules.