This project is all about training young minds to follow traffic rules. Therefore, students who ride bicycle need to pass the exam on traffic rules and obtain the Bicycle Riding Licence
This licence is not compulsory in legal terms. It is just an awareness program which does not hold any legal compulsion from State OR Central Government.
It is an initiative of Espalier students which was supported by Nashik Police Commissioner Dr. Ravindra Singal and Educationist Sachin Usha Vilas Joshi and ESDS Chairman, Mr. Piyush Somani.
This online exam can be taken from anywhere. If any school conducts a mass online test (at least 30 students) then the High Quality hard plastic paper licence will be posted at the postal address of school. Otherwise in case of single applicant there is an option of PRINT LICENCE in the website.
The licence is printed on High Quality hard plastic paper and it closely resembles the real licence.
This is an online test and you can appear for it as many times as required. But after clearing the online test you cannot take it again.
As mentioned earlier it is not compulsory. But if students will start following traffic rules at school level they will surely turn into good and responsible citizens and hopefully the number of road accidents will also decrease.
This licence will be issued only with the signature of Dr. Ravindra Singal and Mr. Sachin Joshi.